Introducing Cheers Alerts

This week, a friend decided to create his own JavaScript library. It was a small and simple in-browser notification library called 'Cheers Alert'. The library was inspired by Toastr, and »

Basic OOP and Composition in Go

I have been studying the Go programming language for several weeks now and thought about writing a series of posts to share what I have learned so far. I figured »

Cebu Open Hackathon 2017

There will be an upcoming hackathon next month, brought to you by Snapzio Rapid Software Solutions in collaboration with iiOffice Cebu. Whether you have an awesome app idea or just »

Enhancing my self-hosted blog with Cloudflare

This post is not sponsored by Cloudflare; it is an update on my self-hosting journey with the Raspberry Pi. I am happy with the result of the script that I »

Troubleshooting my Raspberry Pi's Wireless Issue

It has been almost a week since I decided to self-host my Ghost blog. It was a fun experience and most importantly, I knew a lot of new things that »