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Basic Generators in JavaScript

I have been watching a movie last night when my mind spun on a different thread and remembered a JavaScript language feature that have existed for some time now, but »

Introducing Cheers Alerts

This week, a friend decided to create his own JavaScript library. It was a small and simple in-browser notification library called 'Cheers Alert'. The library was inspired by Toastr, and »

Using Gagarin’s DDP Client to test Meteor methods, publications and subscriptions

On my previous post, we briefly went over unit testing in Meteor and Mantra by using Sinon’s spy and stub. We have discussed the difference between the two functions »

Using Sinon’s Spy and Stub in Mantra (Unit Testing)

With the release of Meteor 1.3, unit testing has never been easier in Meteor. Our team recently decided to adopt Arunoda’s Mantra spec for developing Meteor applications. It »