Introducing Cheers Alerts

Cheer Alerts Demo GIF

This week, a friend decided to create his own JavaScript library. It was a small and simple in-browser notification library called 'Cheers Alert'. The library was inspired by Toastr, and as of this writing, depends on jQuery and FontAwesome.

The library is already available on npm. I have submitted a pull request that added [Grunt] to this project. This enabled the library to be bundled as a standalone browser library through the use of Browserify and other Grunt plugins such as Uglify and mincss. This automation allowed him to easily maintain and develop future versions of the library. Aside from npm, the library can also be installed through Bower.

As this is his first open source package, he will be actively developing this library. It's open for feedback and contributions, so please check the source out at Github.

You can try the library out by visiting the demo page.